Vision Behind Decentralizing Lounge Franchise Networks Using Blockchain

The idea of a cryptographically encrypted blockchain to transfer data in a peer to peer manner has emerged immensely over the past few years. It is an extremely reliable way to connect peers to transfer data using decentralized ledger technology. Its favorability especially among lounge franchise businesses has lead to the development of new applications and the user bases are being built around it. The blockchain technology is contributing to major extent to the expansion of franchise networks for loungers, especially the Reflexion Lounge Franchise network.

The Blockchain Will Soon Take Over

This new franchising lounging system will become more popular in the near future due to its the tokenization of assets, smart contracts and blockchain technology. Undoubtedly, XRLO is at the beginning of the revolution and soon the major franchise companies like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway and others who are a pioneer in franchising models will eventually switch to the blockchain to manage their franchise network, franchising rights. 

Idea Behind XRLO
Vision Behind Decentralizing Lounge

XRLO’s idea behind creating a franchise network is “to transform the existing franchising system into a trusted network of community members to participate efficiently in a global Lounging and Lifestyle brand – Reflexion Lounge”. This all could only become possible due to blockchain technology. The individuals interested in Reflexion Lounge franchises can opt-in by purchasing XRLO tokens and acquiring the franchising rights, gaining the authority to participate in the expansion of the lounge network and open their own Reflexion Lounge anywhere across the globe. These franchising rights and terms are managed using blockchain smart contracts and specific XRLO token wallets.

Future of Reflexion Lounge Franchise

The Reflexion Lounge is working dedicatedly to create long-lasting business partnerships to expand and develop its franchise network. To elaborate, a “(RL) Reflexion Lounge Franchising Kit” is visualized to hold the complete franchising program including ROI and policy information, procedures to get started with Reflexion Lounges across the globe. The franchising rights will eventually become “tokenized” making it possible to acquire these rights on the Reflexion blockchain network.

The main objective is to obtain “a virtual community of shared values for equality of opportunity and equality of possibility, providing instant sharing of value in peer-to-peer transactions.” The blockchain technology will greatly contribute to the creation, expansion, and development of a Reflexion Lounge franchise network and its loungers. The smart contracts and the franchising rights being tokenized and accessible on the decentralized and proprietary ledger will make it incredibly easy and scalable to create a trusted and efficient network of Reflexion Lounges in multiple cities across the world.


CBX and Reflexion Lounge Signed an Agreement to Cooperate on Tokenization!

 The partnership between Reflexion Lounge and CBX has been signed to overcome the drawbacks of traditional franchise models to provide a tokenized gateway to all the members of the lounging community network.

Vision Behind Decentralizing Lounge

 “I am delighted to work with Reflexion Lounge on its tokenization process. We shall use our expertise to guide through the listing process of XLRO on CBX and provide its offerings to our network throughout Asia, Europe, and the Middle East” – Meng Chan Shu, CEO of CBX.

Vision Behind Decentralizing Lounge

 “Our partnership with CBX is a validation of our use-case. We expect that our business-model will integrate state of the art systems to ease the franchising process for young entrepreneurs and lead the way for mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain within the lounging and hospitality sector“ – Faiyaz Bux, CEO Reflexion Lounge