How The XRLO Token Can Help Global Lounge Industry?

The lounging industry has been existing for decades all over the world but has never been as connected and social as it is nowadays. It has been rooted in Middle Eastern culture. Shisha and hookah have always been seen as a way to relax, enjoy some quality time with friends and family, and try exceptional tastes. However, it is still not seen as a global industry in itself and it lacks that reputation and recognition globally. In this article, I will explain how the XRLO token can help the lounge industry by developing it and transforming it into a network of lounges all across the world.

Lounges all over the world operate individually for the most part and there is no sense of interconnection or network of lounges. Each one is owned by private owners and the concept of “chain” of lounges is still new. This goes hand in hand with the franchising type of business model, which is underdeveloped in the lounge industry as well. The industry lacks that worldwide link and needs tools and new innovations that can greatly improve it and make the members of the community more connected and in-sync. This is where the Reflexion Token, XRLO, comes in and can tremendously help the lounge industry at a global scale.

Blockchain network

Firstly, with the Reflexion Lounge blockchain network and platform, the Lounging-as-a-Lifestyle community members can truly connect with one another and share the experiences that they have in lounges all across the world. The ability to interact, discuss, share, and connect, all over a digital blockchain network designed and tailored for lounging aficionados is special and unique in today’s world. It will enable the lounging community and industry to grow and truly become global. Creating a stream of information and data through the blockchain will also greatly benefit the industry, as lounges that are part of the network will be able to use this global data and help from other lounges to develop their activity and therefore, advance the industry as a whole.

cryptocurrency industry

Secondly, with the cryptocurrency token itself, the industry can greatly be improved and members can feel more comfortable traveling and going from one lounge to another. Thanks to the Reflexion Token, XRLO, the Lounging-as-a-Lifestyle members have the ability to pay and purchase services and unique VIP goods at partner lounges all over the globe, as well as online. Having a universal currency that can be used all over the world, in dozens of lounges, without the need to perform any conversion, is a huge asset that can benefit the community members and largely improve the lounge industry.

Franchising Network

Lastly, with the franchising model and network that the Reflexion Lounge offers through the XRLO token and the franchising kit, the lounge industry can grow considerably and owners can offer a tailored and unique VIP experience to its members all across the world, in dozens of lounges that become Reflexion Lounge partners and franchises.

In conclusion, the XRLO token can greatly help the global lounge industry in many different ways. With its blockchain network and online platform, its proprietary cryptocurrency, and its franchising model, it offers three concrete solutions to make the lounge industry more global and its Lounging-as-a-Lifestyle members more connected through technology and innovation. In the next months and years, the lounge industry will grow thanks to the blockchain technology and the XRLO token.