Reflexion Payment Card – Simplifies Lounging Experience

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology has taken enterprises to all-new levels despite their industry niche. The industry which is most benefited by this is restaurant and lounging because the lounging, entertainment, and relaxation industry represent billions of dollars every year and millions of customers all across the globe so their business transactions needed to be simplified and transparent with guaranteed security. Reflexion Lounge decided to heavily invest in technology and innovation and with their utility token and payment card brought revolution into this lounging especially via Shisha lounge and hookah bars in the UK.  It has taken the restaurant experience to all-new levels with simplified and secured payment transactions based on blockchain.

Try Reflexion Card Payment at Authorized Shisha Lounge

Reflexion lounge, based in Manchester, is the first and only trained shisha lounge in UK certified and authorized by Meduse. They are official distributors of Meduse smoking cocktails so the customers who check in this lounge check out with a great lounging experience. 

How Does Reflexion Payment Card Works?

The reflexion payment comes very handy allowing card owners to process cashless transactions to the card. It works in the following steps:

  1. The merchant takes the order via Merchant RLPay App by logging in with their 6-digit security pin
  2. Then, marks the items ordered by the customer in the Reflexion store and generate the QR code
  3. After that the customer is asked to scan the QR code via customer app. The customer can use their wallets by clicking on “scan to pay”
  4. Once the QR is scanned, then “Pay with RL Card” is selected which asks for the fingerprint authorization from the customers
  5. The customer uses his XLRO card to confirm the fingerprint authorization to process the transaction successfully

Reflexion Payment Card

The 4th and 5th step plays the most crucial role in the whole Reflexion Payment flow. The customer authorizes transaction payment through API installed on their smart device, which directly communicates with the user wallet module and merchant application module. 

Inventory Module: Before the transaction is processed successfully, the Inventory module for the merchant plays its role by confirming the availability of goods requested by the customer in the inventory. 

Account Management Module: Then, the account management module takes care of completing the transaction by communicating with the customer account and merchant account through crypto transfer.

Inventory Module

Enjoy at VIP Reflexion Lounge Using XLRO

 1. Privacy

2. Plush White Sofas

3. A Bearded Dragon Reptile Tank

4. Choose and play your own music

5. Personal Waiter if needed

6. Access to Playstation

7. Access to a Library of 50+ Blu-Rays

8. Watch & Play it all on a 110″ Widescreen with Surround Sound

9. Full customized booking

Reflexion Lounge

And all this could be done just with a one-click on your mobile phone through XLRO App and your card. The XLRO token holders can use it in any of the Reflexion Lounge franchises. By far, XLRO Token stands out to be a great cryptocurrency-based product that covers the needs and necessities for the lounging of lifestyle enthusiasts. 

Lounging as a Lifestyle

Isn’t it so simple? So, what are you waiting for? Become a part of the world’s first digital currency designed for the Lounging-as-a-Lifestyle (Laal) Community.