About Reflexion

Reflexion Lounge has long been known as a meeting point for mindful gatherings of community members that foster self-reflection and unity. With a Generation Y demographic, Reflexion Lounge is introducing its community token; the Reflexion Token (XRLO) for a decentralized (blockchain-enabled) franchise network to build a global lounging and dining chain for a unified anonymous community to implement Prosperity-as-a-Purpose (PaaP).

Reflexion Lounge currently caters to over 30 nationalities and has hosted over 150 events from birthdays to social gatherings.

Lounging-as-a-Lifestyle (LaaL)

A lounging and lifestyle environment that truly promotes equality of opportunity and provides a platform for nurturing a millennial generation.

The Reflexion LaaL Platform aims at enabling an innovative blockchain powered franchise business model to transform the traditional franchising system into a trusted network of community members that partake in a global Lounging and Lifestyle brand.

A revolutionary social network that governs itself with smart contracts that distribute community’s rewards and earnings, turning the Reflexion Lounge into a Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC).

Reflexion® Payment App

reflexion payment

Problem & Solution

Making the luxury of lounging and dining affordable with a right to shared ownership and benefit from a global chain.


Centralize Network
  • The actions of third-party in the retailing units has bottlenecks
  • High Costs
  • Charge-backs
  • Locked into operations by long-term contract
  • High barriers to entry for those aspiring to start a business


PaaP Decentralize Network
  • Low costs to entry
  • Community-focused approach
  • Decentralized distribution of royalties
  • Reflexion Token (XRLO) helping in expansion of units
  • Smart-Contract integration for predetermined set of terms
  • Capitalizing expenses by implementing cryptoeconomic framework

Reflexion Token (XRLO) Details

Total Supply


Token Sale(45%)


Soft Cap

5,000 ETH

Hard Cap

72,000 ETH
Token Sale I TBC
40% Bonus 0.0003 ETH
Token Sale II TBC
30% Bonus 0.0006 ETH
Token Sale III TBC
20% Bonus 0.0008 ETH

Reflexion Token Allocation

  • 45%Token Sale Program
  • 30%Reserve Fund
  • 16%Team and Founders
  • 3%Board Advisors
  • 6%Promotion & Bounty
  • 20%Business Development
  • 20%Unit Expansion
  • 20%Marketing & Partnerships
  • 10%Research & Development
  • 15%Reserve
  • 15%Operational

Reflexion Platform Pillars

Our 4 pillars provide a sense of self-reflection in so doing accommodating to all Reflexion community and stakeholders

Reflexion Marketplace

A blockchain-enabled online marketplace for XRLO token holders to buy and sell their own products including Reflexion branded products. A marketplace for anonymous and secure payments, reducing transaction costs.

Reflexion Token (XRLO)

XRLO is eliminating currency barriers across our network of lounging and dining community while solving currency barriers across Reflexion Lounge franchise network. Bridging the barrier in multi-currency adoption with blockchain infrastructure for cross-border solutions.

Reflexion Franchise Network

Systematic reward and royalty generation to XRLO community with opt-in eligibility to acquire Reflexion Lounge franchise rights. XRLO token holders can participate in and benefit from our expanding restaurant and lounge network.

Community Outreach

A consistent Community Outreach and Rewards system through Smart AirDrops; offering of tokens to the XRLO community to help drive popularity and awareness in exchange for predefined tasks.


Join us on the path to a prosperous lifestyle with a community-focused initiative enriching the lounging and dining experience.

Reflexion Lounge Flagship
Launched our first flagship lounge in the U.K successfully and profitably serving over 15 nationalities around the world and catered to over 150 events since our inception.
Blockchain Concept Generation
Assembling Team Members. Create concept to enable blockchain business-model and token-economics within the existing Reflexion Lounge and Reflexion community.
Research and Concept Validation
Completion of White Paper and applying a strategic plan.
XRLO Dashboard:
develop and complete XRLO token-sale dashboard and XRLO wallets to launch Token Sale Events.
Launch of pre-sale stages, allowing for early contributors and seed funding.
Registration of Reflexion Lounge (RL) brands in various cities where we are not already registered to enable franchise and business lounge development.
E-commerce infrastructure development, RL e-commerce marketplace application design.
Token Sale
Launch of public Token Sale Event, Initial Exchange Offering, Initial Token Offering.
Approving Design and commencing with development of MVP.
Alpha Test
In-house testing of functional. Prototype published and linked to blockchain network with real-time scanning.
UK Expansion
further expansion of the existing Reflexion Lounge unit to cater to the growing demand of our community for larger space and more events.
Smart Contracts
Coding and developing smart contracts for the Reflexion Token (XRLO), Reflexion Lounge franchising terms and XRLO wallets.
XRLO Listing
Listing of XRLO tokens on various Cryptocurrency exchanges
Dubai Expansion
Initial development of Reflexion Lounge in Dubai as a flagship Dubai unit for further franchise expansion across the region.
Montreal Expansion
Initial development of Reflexion Lounge in Montreal, Canada as a flagship Montreal unit for further franchise expansion across North America.
Reflexion Business Lounge
enhancing the Prosperity-as-a-Purpose (PaaP) Platform by creating the world’s first decentralized business lounge offering Lounging-as-a-Lifestyle (LaaL) for the XRLO community.
Reflexion Cards
Launch of the Reflexion Cards storing XRLO tokens, used for transaction purposes, Reflexion Lounge and Reflexion Business Lounge access etc.
Global Partnerships
establishing a global user base to expand the utility of XRLO around the world’s lounging, lifestyle and dining sectors.
Reflexion Lounge Franchising Kit
complete Reflexion Lounge franchising program showing return on investment, policies and procedures, franchising system for “Plug & Play” business model.
Tokenize Franchise Rights
Launch Reflexion Lounge franchise application and open submissions to XRLO token holders and community members to exercise their rights of Franchising. Grant franchise rights to franchisees where applicable.

Reflexion Team

Faiyaz Bux
Founder & CEO
Mohammed Iqbal
President, Operations & Finance
Luca Gallone
UK Ambassador
Qusai Sharef
Business Development Consultant
Paresh Masani
Blockchain Engineer
Manan Jobanputra
Platform Developer
Sagar Jobanputra
Graphics Designer
Jainesh Mehta
Platform Developer
Dimpy Ladva
Lead Mobile Developer
Josiah Nwoye
Community Manager
Kindness Nwoye
Community Manager


Luca Gallone
UK Ambassador

Our Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Reflexion Token (XRLO) is a digital currency created by Reflexion Lounge as a loyalty program for its existing customers and a community outreach tool to build a global community that can share value in peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions and that can participate in the growth of the Reflexion Lounge franchise model.

Reflexion Token (XRLO) can be purchased either with fiat or with Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). The XRLO token can be purchased from our token dashboard.

BY joining and registering to the Reflexion Token dashboard at: www.reflexiontoken.io/dashboard/signup

Please refer to our White Paper to get a breakdown of owning XRLO.

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