Shisha Cryptocurrency – XRLO World’s First Digital Currency for Lounge’s & Hookah Bars

A hookah lounge also is known as shisha bar, especially in Britain and parts of Canada are a lounge experience where patrons share shisha from a hookah placed at their table. The shisha lounges and hookah bars has been popular in Middle Eastern countries for decades and are deeply rooted in some cultures globally and are now widely spread form of entertainment, relaxation, and amusement across different nations. Some shisha companies like Meduse are trying to revolutionize the industry and Reflexion Shisha Lounge is contributing to a great extent in this revolution. 

Enjoy Meduse Experience with Shisha Cryptocurrency
Shisha Cryptocurrency

Did you ever imagine that cryptocurrency can enhance your lounging experience? No? Well, you must try XRLO then. It is gaining popularity as the world’s first-ever Shisha cryptocurrency for Hookah bars lifestyle. The digital currency technology has gained immense favorability over the past few years. But no one has ever imagined using these digital tokens for the lifestyle industry. Reflexion has not only introduced authorized Meduse consumption but also provided its customers with a reflexion token – XRLO wallet to ease and secure their lounging transactions. They have changed the way of social interaction, modified lounging habits and even revolutionized entire cryptocurrency processes and operational conventions that have been existing for decades. 


How XRLO has Revolutionised Lounging Industry?
Shisha Cryptocurrency

The lounging, entertainment, and relaxation industry revolves around billions of dollars every year and millions of customers all across the globe. Could you imagine a digital token that would allow customers to enjoy high-end lounge experience and process secure transactions across the world? Well, such a cryptocurrency token does exist in the form of XRLO that covers the whole lifestyle experience. With the invention of XRLO shisha cryptocurrency, the lounging businesses and customers are getting benefitted in many different ways. The customers also earn rewards points in the Reflexion lounge which they can use in their next visit. 

The XRLO Token was created by the Reflexion Lounge, a luxurious shisha bar and based in Salford Quays, in the United Kingdom. This lounge has gained sound popularity over the past few years due to its luxurious and affordable lounging offering.  Especially the celebrities, soccer players and high-flyers from different parts of the world are attracted towards this lounge. The patrons always want to come back for more experience after each visit. Seeing the positive response and favorability, the Reflexion Lounge decided to invest in shisha cryptocurrency and create its payment token, the Reflexion Token. XRLO is the first of its kind that truly caters to Lounging-as-a-Lifestyle (LaaL).

How RL Members and Patrons are Benefitted by XRLO?Shisha Cryptocurrency

For all its members and patrons, XRLO allows for payments in affiliated lounges all over the globe. It allows booking of lounges, purchases of goods and services in these lounges and on the e-commerce platform via reflexion wallet. Moreover, the Reflexion Marketplace allows clients to purchase, trade, and exchange tokens. The future RL franchises would be able to acquire franchising rights with XRLO and will become an integral part of an online global Reflexion community. The Reflexion Token is a great Shisha cryptocurrency that covers the lounging needs of lifestyle enthusiasts.

Shisha Cryptocurrency
Reflexion Token by partnering with Meduse has brought an incredible lounging lifestyle for its patrons. They are efficiently using blockchain technology to maintain Sisha’s lifestyle success in the coming years as well.