How Reflexion Lounge Can Collaborate With Other Lounges Around The World?

The lounge industry has been existing and has become a very big part of the world’s economy for decades. Starting with traditions, it has evolved into a lucrative industry with lounges acting more like businesses rather than simple shisha and hookah bars. Nowadays, the industry is quite large, generates millions of dollars and new lounges are opening up all around the world. However, they mostly act independently and therefore, there is no real sense of “chains” in the industry or lounges partnering with one another to create a more lucrative business expansion. This was until now and the introduction of the Reflexion Lounge franchising model. In this article, we will explain the Reflexion Lounge franchising model, the blockchain network, and how they can enable the British lounge to collaborate with other lounges around the world.

How Reflexion Lounge Can Collaborate


The Reflexion Lounge is a shisha and hookah bar based in Salford near Manchester, in the UK, offering a special sober and lounge VIP experience to its patrons. The Reflexion Lounge understands the value of technology and innovation in today’s world and understands how it can benefit the lounge industry at a global scale. This is why they have used the blockchain technology and decentralization to create an online network and platform to connect members of the Lounging-as-a-Lifestyle community globally. These high-flyers can communicate, exchange, share information and data, and help the community towards one common goal: improve the community as a whole.

Global Scale Lounge Industry

In addition, the blockchain network allows for global peer-to-peer transactions, payments into the lounging industry, payments of all the Reflexion products and services and the eligibility to opt-in for the Reflexion Lounge franchise rights. This is where the technology introduced by the Reflexion Lounge is very interesting and can really help in the collaboration with other lounges around the world. The franchising model that has been introduced by the Reflexion Lounge, through the franchising kit, can enable these lounges all over the world to collaborate with the Reflexion Lounge, which is already established and already attractive to Lounging-as-a-Lifestyle members coming from all over the world.

By partnering up with the Manchester lounge, these other lounges can increase their attractiveness, their popularity, and therefore, their profitability and success within the lounge industry. Once they are partners and franchisees, the other lounges can collaborate with the Salford lounge, can use branding and marketing material, and can work together towards a common goal. Moreover, the franchising rights can easily be acquired by those other lounges using the proprietary cryptocurrency, the Reflexion Token.

Reflexion Lounge Can Collaborate With Other Lounges

To sum up, thanks to the blockchain network, the Reflexion Token, and most importantly its franchising model, the Reflexion Lounge can collaborate and help other lounges across the world. The lounge industry, as of now, is still very independent and not interconnected enough. Thanks to the revolution of the blockchain technology, the decentralized ledger and the introduction of cryptocurrency, the Reflexion Lounge has been able to create a franchising model that can truly change the lounge industry forever. In the next few months and years, we will witness how the lounges all across the world, that already offer a VIP experience to their customers, can come together and work as one, under the franchising model created by the Reflexion Lounge.